Rotation Plans

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If you’re interested in implementing a food family rotation into your diet, it’s recommended to start with an ELIMINATION DIET to best assess what foods to include or not include in your weekly rotation. If you don’t want to do an elimination, you can also jump right in and try one of rotation plans that will be added to the Daka Mama site. They’re coming soon I promise!


Find a Rotation Plan That’s Right for You!

Rotation Creation

If you choose to do a rotation plan, you may find you have fewer set backs by starting slow and only incorporate changes to your diet incrementally. If you find the idea of starting any of these rotations daunting, I do offer a helpful introductory PHONE CONSULTATION and follow-up sessions to help you plan and succeed on your journey. I also have some great tips for getting your PANTRY ORGANIZED and helpful SHOPPING GUIDES.

Below are four levels of commitment – one should be the right one for you:
(Note: Coming soon, visitors will be able to click on a plan and get a menu and recipes.)

1. Beginner Rotation

“I’m interested in feeling healthier but not sure I can commit to major dietary changes like not eating wheat or dairy. I’d like to try some of your recipes and maybe rotate one or two foods to see how I feel and learn more about healthier ingredients.”

2. Weekday Rotation

“I want to feel healthier and explore how foods affect my body. I’m ready to rotate a few foods and do a simple weekday rotation. I’d prefer a “cheat” day or have free choice weekends so I can have some freedom in my lifestyle.”

3. Anti-Inflammatory Rotation

“I want a diet that can be honed to suit my body’s inflammatory responses and help detect what foods cause a reaction and which don’t.”

Nightshade foods and pseudo-grains (quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat) may need to be omitted for some and for some can be permitted once a week. On the rotation you will quickly see which category you fall into. Gluten, dairy, corn and preservatives are strictly avoided.

4. Paleo Rotation

“The principles of Paleo make sense and work for me but I would also like to further strengthen my immunity, optimize my digestion and prevent food sensitivities through a 7-day rotation.”
“I have had allergic reactions to one or more foods and I want to discover and eliminate my triggers. I’m ready to commit to a 7-day weekly rotation that is grain-free.”

5. Vegetarian Rotation

“I want a diet that does include legumes, potatoes, rice, pseudo/alternative grains, eggs, fish and dairy once or twice a week. I also want to be able to control which foods I can include and have options.”

This diet really helps vegetarians make sure to keep a good balance of organic fresh veggies and acceptable proteins in their diet without over doing the starchy carbs.

6. Vegan Rotation

“I feel like I have limited options for protein and want some help diversifying my meals.”

The danger of a vegan diet is relying too heavily on grain as a primary food source. This diet includes legumes and squash to make a complete protein, rice, pseudo/alternative grains, cassava flour, lots of tubers, nut cheeses and nut milks. It really helps vegans make sure to get enough protein as well as veggies in their diet.”

7. Baby & Toddler Rotations

“I want to start my baby off with the best possible chance of avoiding food sensitivities and allergies. I’m interested in tips on what foods to start at each developmental stage and how often.”