Fruit Skewers

Fruit Skewers

Everybody loves fruit. Fruit is also a healthy alternative for dessert. And these fruit skewers are quick, easy and the presentation makes them look like they took a lot more time than they did. I made these skewers for a school parent event which made for a seamless transport without having to bring a serving spoon (to loose) or any additional bowls or utensils that would normally be needed to serve a traditional fruit salad.

I used these 12″ NATURAL BAMBOO SKEWERS. You can make this lovely dessert in under 10 minutes if you purchase fruit that is already chopped or doesn’t need to be chopped. Otherwise it takes 15-20 minutes. You can replicate these skewers or get creative and do any fresh seasonal combo of fruit you like – you really can’t go wrong with beautiful, colorful fruit!

Wishes of Health & Gratitude,
xo Robin 

Fruit Skewers
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Fruit Skewers
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  1. Wash all your fruit and set on a towel to dry or gently pat dry.
  2. Peel your kiwi and slice in about 5 slices each.
  3. Cut your cantaloupe into chunks as large as your strawberries.
  4. Place a strawberry first on your skewer leaving at least 3 inches at the bottom of the skewer as a handle. Next add a cantaloupe chunk, a kiwi slice and another strawberry. Repeat this one more time, ending with a strong strawberry at both ends.
Recipe Notes

The cantaloupe and strawberries are very high in salicylates while the kiwi has moderate amounts. Easy low salicylate fruit skewers could be: kiwi, mango and pear or peeled golden apples 🙂

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