My Story

I’ve been dealing with autoimmune issues since I was 12-years-old. I’ve had food allergies, food sensitivities, cross allergens, eczema, keratosis, hives, vasovagal attacks, panic attacks, mononucleosis, migraine headaches and post-strep active arthritis – wow! As I write all of this down, it makes my health sound a bit shocking and even garnered a giggle from me. I actually consider myself extremely healthy and rarely think about my past – many of these are symptoms I dealt with in college and was able to overcome through a preservative-free, whole foods, rotational diet. I now feel great and lead an active positive life. I do think I’ve had some unfortunate genetic and environmental factors that have contributed to my health issues, but I’ve always found remedies and solutions to my challenges through food.

After managing my autoimmune issues for three decades, I think I have a lot to share to help others navigate their own often complex and confusing autoimmune responses. I hope this site inspires you to make healthy choices. I hope this site makes you realize you’re not alone – almost everyone has some health challenges. And I hope this site is a really useful tool to you and your loved ones!

Many Wishes of Health & Gratitude,
xo Robin