The little boy said, “Daka, Mama.”

His mama said, “You’re welcome.”

When I had my first son, Asher, nothing made me more thankful as a mother than to see the joy my baby got from eating. After “Mama” and “Dada,” Asher’s next word was “Daka, Mama” every time we ate. We found it sweet, often funny, but had no idea what he was saying – finally we realized it was gratitude: “Thank you, Mama.” Daka, Mama became my favorite phrase and the perfect blog name for a mama trying to keep Asher and herself healthy and still enjoy eating with some food allergies and sensitivities.

My second son, Russell, has also contributed to making this blog come to life. His sweetness of picking me flowers to wear and dandelion puffs to blow with wishes, seemed the perfect logo compliment for Daka Mama. I have so many wishes for this blog to help others find their gratitude and health too. Daka, Asher & Russ!

My Hope to Thank All Mamas

This site is definitely inspired by my boys and also all the dedicated moms and dads who give all they’ve got to make life work for their kids. We all need to feel celebrated and appreciated. My goal is to help us all learn to nourish ourselves and our children with wholesome meals but also with thoughtful living. 

How This Site Can Help You

At Daka Mama you will find recipes that suit many eating styles. I believe each and every body is different and every body is even different at various life stages. I think eating should feel communal and inclusive so why not cook with ingredients that are good for almost everyone! I have made this site super user friendly with a RECIPE FILTER to help visitors search for exactly the recipes that suit their meal query, their diet and any allergies they may need to avoid. I created the SUBSTITUTIONS & TIPS page as a quick reference on how to substitute various foods for healthier options like using coconut aminos for soy sauce and also to diverse your food options like using chia seed powder instead of eggs on occasion in your baking. In recipes site-wide, I have excluded several ingredients that cause more harm than good for most people. All the recipes at Daka Mama are free from unhealthy food dyes, additives and preservatives, corn, dairy and gluten and most are free of soy, omega-6 oils and refined sugar. This makes for some fun chemical and baking experiments in my kitchen!

Corn-free, Dairy-free, Gluten-free – Why?

Any foods that cause inflammation, damage the body over time and put your body at risk for developing degenerative diseases. Daka Mama strives to have meals and recipes that are anti-inflammatory. You can read all about this on my FAQ page.

Joyful Eating…

I hope Daka Mama helps you and yours optimize your nutrition and health while still eating with joy. And many wishes for the cooks of the house to receive more thanks.

Many Wishes of Health & Gratitude,
xo Robin, Asher & Russ too!

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