Halloween HFCS-Free

Halloween HFCS-Free

Happy Corn Syrup-Free Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Costume parties, fall leaves, brisker sweater weather, backyard fires and pumpkin spiced everything makes my heart swoon. Halloween candy? Meh – I never felt that great eating candy. I found out later that I was severely allergic to artificial flavoring, food dyes and corn syrup which all happened to become the main ingredients in candy for 70’s kids like me. We all know that HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and artificial dyes and flavorings are about the LAST thing you want to be ingesting – allergy or not – but aren’t they in all candy? Not anymore.

Back to Natural Cane Sugar & Natural Dyes

A decade ago, Great Britian and Europe banned all artificial food dyes. They also primarily use real cane sugar in their baked goods and candy. More and more companies in the US are also creating delicious treats using honey, coconut sugar and cane sugar instead of corn syrup and they’re using beets and carrots as natural coloring agents.

The GREAT news is that today there are more and more natural cane sweetened candies available every month it seems. I wish I was a 20’s kid – I predict by 2020 the natural cane sugar candy lining the shelves will surpass the unhealthy HFCS candy.

Be the Change!

With all the new candy companies making healthier candies, Halloween is even better! And we can all help continue to make these healthy changes in the food industry by supporting the companies who have said NO – no more HFCS in our brands. Do these products cost more? Yes. Is it worth it? For your long term health, Yes. And the more consumers buy naturally sweetened foods and reject the corn syrup brands, the more popular and cheaper the healthier products can become.

I was pleasantly surprised when my kids dumped their haul of Halloween treats and many were some of the same brands on our Top 10 list below:

Top 10 HFCS-free Halloween Treats

Asher (age 8) and Russell (age 5) were my official tasters this Halloween. Their taste buds lead us to some tasty treats. All the products are artificial dye-free/flavor-free, HFCF as well as gluten-free and dairy-free. Many are also nut free for those allergic to tree nuts.

#10: Enjoy Life Chocolate Minis

Three flavors: Ricemilk Crunch, Ricemilk and Dark for three tastes. I love the dark. Asher loves the crunch and Russ loves the milk chocolate. They’re also such a perfect size for a small chocolate jolt. I do keep waiting for Enjoy Life to make a version of their chips with coconut sugar…next year?

#9: Yum Earth Organic Pops


These cane sugar lollipops are just tart enough and just sweet enough.

#8: Wild Kratts Rainforest Rope

Similar to licorice vines but without the gluten or dye. Raspberry Lemonade got two thumbs up in our house.

I hope this post inspires you to go out and buy some of these great new fun candies. And I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!

Side Note: Don’t Be a BEE Killer

Want to really geek out on why corn is bad for you and our planet? Neonicotinoid pesticides are used on 90% of the United States corn crop which is a carcinogen to humans and sadly also KILLS BEES! The more GMO corn you buy, the more you say it’s okay to endanger these essential pollinators.

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