Non-Toxic Upholstery Cleaner

Non-Toxic Upholstery Cleaner

When one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong in our home – isn’t that the way? So blindly trying a new eco-friendly upholstery cleaner that superseded my expectations was such a happy fortunate find – a must share.

It all began in mid-February with both boys having a cold, cough and flu-like illness and resulted in having to have a hazmat team conclude that the minor chemical fire we experienced from our humidifier overheating was indeed a minor clean up. We “simply” needed to evacuate the room for a few weeks, wash ALL the clothes and bedding and curtains and wash the walls and room surfaces (and books and toys and photo frames and…) with a vinegar and water solution and have the upholstery of our reading rocking chair cleaned.

I decided to take this opportunity to deep clean several items in our home. I wanted to find an upholstery company that didn’t use harsh chemicals or toxic fragrances and went online. A google search provided many “green” cleaners but I wasn’t sure what that really meant or how reputable these companies were. Next I went to Angie’s List which did not permit a search exclusively for eco-friendly or green cleaning companies (Step that up Angie!) so 50 companies popped up and after sifting through several pages, I found Naturally Green Cleaning. This company had great reviews, an informative website and I could even book all the items I wanted cleaned on their website and have it cite each price and provide the total cost – I felt like I was booking the job on Amazon with one click shopping. An email confirmation was immediately sent and they called to confirm the appointment.

Bryan Angstman, the owner, arrived on time and clearly cared about the integrity of his products. He passionately told me how and why he created his own fragrance-free, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. He was a great resource and took pride in his work. He cleaned the boys mattresses and reading rocker and was able to get LARGE ink marks out of our family room sectional, a horrid cat pee smell out of our office sleeper sofa, and he even for free sterilized and removed a rat blood stain from my favorite wool carpet – yes – I said rat blood. Note: cats are not easier than dogs no matter what anyone tries to tell you. We adore there warm purring affection and antics, but, wow – they can cause some destruction!

I had also scheduled to have our master bedroom linen drapes cleaned but Bryan took one look and said, I could clean these for you but it would be unnecessary. He recommended cleaning drapes about every 5 years but said often just using the small circular attachment to the vacuum cleaner every so often can keep them dust free and extend cleanings.

Even my son Asher (age 7) commented how thorough and nice Bryan was during his visit. So, if you live in the LA area, I highly recommend Naturally Green Cleaning! I’ll be using them again in a couple years.

Many Wishes of Health & Gratitude,
xo Robin 


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